MTB HiDop 300

De HiDop 300, gemaakt door MTB is een zeer compacte en eenvoudige doppler, maar wel met een LCD scherm. Uitstekend voor snelle diagnose, en toch met veel mogelijkheden. Onder andere om hem op een PC aan te sluiten.



  • CW 2MHz, 4MHz and CW 8MHz, vascular bidirectional
  • CW 2MHz, fetal unidirectional


  • CW 2MHz, flat probe for air emboli detection during surgery
  • CW 2MHz, for obstetric applications
  • CW 4MHz, for deep vessel applications
  • CW 8MHz, for peripheral vascular applications
  • Other probes / frequencies upon request
  • All probes with integrated Doppler electronics

Probe identification

  • Automatic with digital code

Signal Processing

  • Real time FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
  • 256 points overlapping, 6.4 ms
  • ACF (Auto-Correlation-Function) for fetal heart rate detection


  • Sonogram
  • Trend of heart rate (for 2MHz probes only)

Calculations / Indices

  • Heart Rate (HR), Mean Velocity (Mean)
  • Pourcelots Resistance Index (RI), Pulsatility Index (PI)
  • Systolic over Diastolic Ratio (S/D)


  • 160 x 150 pixels, black / white LCD graphic display

Replay Buffer Size

  • 4 displays

Frequency Ranges

  • +/- 2.5kHz, +/- 5kHz, +/- 10kHz

Wall Thump Filters

  • 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz

Display Time

  • 2s, 4s, 8s 60s, 120s, 240s for trend of heart rate


  • 6 button control of all parameters

Memory for setups

  • Memory for user setups

Data Memory (Option)

  • Memory for up to 100 sets of sonograms, up to 64 Mbyte


  • Probe Identification, Displayed Waveform, Symbol for Heart Rate
  • Wall Thump Filter, Frequency Range, Flow Direction


  • 500mW speaker (mono), output for stereo headphones


  • Output for analog recorder

Data Interface

  • 115kbaud serial interface (standard RS232 to personal computer for on-line / off-line data transfer)
  • Serial interface to thermal printer


  • Alkaline batteries, 4 x 1.5V AM3/LR6 or 7.5V DC power supply

Battery Life

  • Min. 6 hours of operation
  • Display of Low Battery symbol

Automatic Power Shut Off

  • 3 minutes without signal


  • 17.5cm x 11cm x 5cm


  • 500 grams (Including batteries and 1 probe)

Size of probes

  • 14mm x 110mm (0 x L), CW 4MHz and CW 8MHz
  • 33mm x 8mm (0 x L), CW 2MHz flat probe
  • 33mm x 14mm x 120mm (0 x L), CW 2MHz fetal